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This mature water has a great track record in the BYCAC and with an estimated stock of the carp, nearing the 1,900 mark, it’s not hard to understand why. The mainstay of this lake’s stock are mirrors to over 40lb, but there are a few commons that are now coming through, with the biggest caught in recent years weighing 33lb. There are also some lovely ghostie mirrors and commons to be caught, with the biggest at just over 30lb. Brasenose-Two is maturing rapidly and is already starting to rival its sister lake, Brasenose One. In recent years many anglers have enjoyed truly memorable sessions on this lake, with some remarkable multiple captures. And although you won’t be fishing for other species during the BYCAC, B-2 is now drawing in many winter anglers for its specimen roach and pike fishing.

**There are many more gravel bars and features in this water than any others on the site; for this reason we highly recommend that in some swims you have the ability to use leaders when required. In some swims short 6-8ft leaders can be effective but in others we would recommend that you use two to three rod lengths of leader to help prevent cut-offs. When using leaders you must ensure that your lead can pass over any knots and be discharged, or failing that use drop-off in-line leads.

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